About the Contest

Write to Rebuild invites screenwriters to submit original scripts for the competition.  Submissions must include a maximum 7 page script that contain an element relating to the impact of a natural disaster, an application, and a confirmation of a $35 donation ($50 for late deadline) to the Write to Rebuild Staten Strong fundraiser.  W2R will select one winning script to be produced as a short film including renowned actor Theo Rossi(Sons of Anarchy, Grey's Anatomy, Alcatraz) in a feature role.

The winner will also receive a kindle copy of "The Secrets of Action Screenwriting" written by W2R guest judge William C. Martell.

Mission & Objective

Write to Rebuild (W2R) is a global screenwriting contest designed to shed light on the individuals and communities that survive natural disasters.  The competition will not only provide writers with an opportunity to see the winning script developed into a produced short film, it will positively influence the lives of those impacted by Superstorm Sandy.  All proceeds will go directly to the 501(c)3 non-profit The Boot Campaign to benefit the Staten Strong program which is designed to help those in need rebuild and recover their lives.

Staten Strong PSA

Check out those that support Staten Strong . . . Remember, your submission is a donation as well. 


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